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Nao Right Now



幼少期よりハードロックプログレッシブロックを聴いて育つ。高校時代のアメリカ留学時に "Rage Against The Machine" 等のミクスチャーを聴いたことをきっかけに、ヒップホップ、ファンク、ソウル、ハウス、エレクトロ等様々なジャンルの音楽に触れ、トークボックスに出会う。

自身で作詞・作曲を手掛けており、大学在学時には初のシングル「2 Ladies」をリリースする。その後、休止期間を設けたが、2021年より "SSSRecord" のもとソロ活動を本格的に再開し、2022年にはファーストアルバム「Nao Right Now」をリリース。


Hip Hop ユニット "TWO ONE EIGHT" や Hip Hop & Funk バンド "MÉLANGE" のフロントマンとしても活動中。国内では MC Mystie, DJ SOUL-T, RAP MARUYAMA, ワタナベシュウヘイの他、海外はNYの ラッパー Cal Combs, イスラエルのビートメイカーの Yonas K Beatz 等のベテランアーティスト等とのコラボレーションを果たしている。

2021.9 "kimiwa" iTunes R&B/Soul chart #2

2022.4 "There for me" iTunes R&B/Soul chart #1

2022.10 "Nao Right Now" iTunes R&B/Soul chart #3

2023.8 "Make It Better" iTunes Electronica chart #1

2024.1 "GET DOWN" iTunes Dance chart #2


Born in Tokyo on Jan 18, 1989. 

Listening to hard rock and progressive rock since childhood. Met mixture-band such as "Rage Against The Machine" while staying in the United States in high school period, reached to various genres of music such as hip-hop, funk, soul, house, and electro, and got to know the Talkbox.


Nao Right Now writes and composes by himself. Released his first single "2 Ladies" while he was still in university in 2011.

In 2021, re-started solo activities as "Nao Right Now" under the label "SSSRecord" and released his first album in 2022.


"Put everything into the sound", is his motto, making music with particular attention to sound and melody. He pursues "No need for translation" in music, transcends countries, languages, cultures, and genres. 


Also active as the frontman of the Hip Hop unit "TWO ONE EIGHT" and the Hip Hop & Funk band "MÉLANGE". In addition to collaborations with veteran artists such as MC Mystie, DJ SOUL-T, RAP MARUYAMA, and Shuhei Watanabe in Japan, overseas artists include rapper Cal Combs from NY and beatmaker Yonas K Beatz from Israel. 

2021 Sep. "kimiwa" #2 on iTunes R&B/Soul chart

2022 Apr. "There for me" #1 on iTunes R&B/Soul chart

2022 Oct. "Nao Right Now" #3 on iTunes R&B/Soul Album chart

2023 Aug. "Make It Better" #1 on iTunes Electronica chart

2024 Jan. “GET DOWN" #2 on iTunes Dance chart

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